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  • 松山空港から・・・ From Matsuyama Airport

    About 20 minutes by limousine bus to Matsuyama-shi Station (410 yen), a 15-minute walk from Matsuyama Station (1.2km)

  • JR松山駅から ・・・From JR Matsuyama Station

    徒歩で大手町駅まで約5分(400m)、大手町駅から(伊予鉄道高浜線)で松山市駅まで1駅(約1分、160円)、松山市駅から徒歩15分(1.2km)About a 5-minute walk from Otemachi Station (400m), to Matsuyama Station 1 station in from Otemachi Station (Iyo railway Takahamasen) (about 1 minute, 160 yen), a 15-minute walk from Matsuyama Station (1.2km )

  • 松山ICから ・・・From Matsuyama IC

    車で約10分(4.5km)About 10 minutes by car (4.5km)

  • 周辺アクセス・・・Peripheral access

    松山市内中心部好立地で、繁華街・商店街(大街道、銀天街)まで徒歩5分です。Matsuyama city center good location, downtown, shopping district (Okaido, Ginten Street) is a 5-minute walk away.